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Winter days

Here in sub tropical Australia we have wonderful winter days….mostly fine and with blue skies…morning temps a bit cool, but generally a great time of year. I’m just sharing with you a couple of pics; flowering grevilleas in the backyard, and our art/companion dog Jasper strolling in the nasturtiums. Happy!

Gates, fences, paths etc


Occasionally I take pics of these common place things, gates, fences and paths. Sometimes they’re mundane, but mostly they are quite beautiful. I often feel inspired by these simple objects. They can also be symbolic, as in containing, or leading somewhere mysterious and intriguing….somehow there’s a connectedness with such spaces….places of quiet reflection or natural beauty.


“Waterhole” is finished

I have at last completed a painting I’ve been fussing around with for more than a month. Now I’m satisfied I’ll post it up here. The image isn’t totally accurate as my camera doesn’t like greens, and this painting has them aplenty. It originally started as a water painting, morphed into a forest, then changed back into water….so that’s what was meant to be in the first place! I’ve titled it “Waterhole” and enjoyed creating a dark slightly unnerving mood with dark hues, and there are many layers of colour….waterholes always lead me to ponder what lies beneath the surface…a bit like life really.

“Waterhole” 76x76cm  $650

New page added

I’ve added a new page to “Photography” in the Gallery archives. It’s about pattern and texture, and I often look at these kind of pics for ideas and inspiration when I’m making art. Click the link to have a peek.

Another update…gallery archives

There’s some updates to my archives….most of this artwork is no longer available, except 2 “palm” paintings. Skip over to these pages…Abstractions (older works), Very old paintings, and Photography.

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“Wild Tasmania”…beautiful photography from the island

“Wild Tasmania” is a beautiful exhibition of photography from Arwen Dyer and Wolfgang Glowacki, giving us a stunning expose of wild and endangered landscapes of the Tarkhine wilderness area, in northern Tasmania. These photographers who work in the tradition of Olegus Truchanas and Peter Dombrovskis, have presented us with inspiring star laiden night skies, spectacular rocky landscapes, and macro close ups of native plant life.

The show was opened by well known activist and Greens politician Bob Brown, and the works have been well received and enjoyed by all who attended opening night. It continues till Monday at Jugglers Art Space, Fortitude Valley Brisbane. I’ve included some pics from the opening night for your enjoyment.

Artworks of the month: Shadow and reflection

This month I’m reviewing three photographs that make use of shadow and reflection as subject. When I approached these subjects I was looking for a fresh, simple, and immediate response….how to make a balanced and harmonious image using only a few elements. The two “Shadow” photos make use of light as well as shade to create an almost abstract image. I was interested in the pattern created on the wall surface, and repeat pattern is a principle that can easily be applied to both photography and painting. I use knowledge gained from my painting experience and apply this to photography in order to balance elements such as contrast e.g. dark/light and large spaces/pattern. These images are almost monochromatic in colour scheme.

The other image I’m reviewing is that of “Rocks and Reflection”. Taken in a fern house of the local botanic gardens, this image shows double layers of interest….that of the pebbles and water, overlaid with reflections from the overhanging fern trees. The colour is also limited, which prevents the subject from becoming too complex and distracting. I also like the way the multiple layers bring forth different textures, and the elements in the subject possess a delicacy which creates visual interest.