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Nature gestalt-forest

In experiencing life we often seek out pattern visually, as explained in Gestalt theory. The forest shows patterning in it’s many aspects, and these can be explored by the viewer in this artwork. 100x100cm



Australia has recently experienced many natural disasters. The natural environment has suffered greatly. In this painting small marks of green colours show that nature is still resilient and rising up. Sadly the day may come where this is no longer possible. 76x76cm


Nature gestalt-reef

The exploring of places such as the Great Barrier Reef, can evoke feelings of wonder and delight. Richness in this environment can be seen in colour, form and repetition of the reef inhabitants…such an enjoyable experience! 40x40cm


Earth ochre

This abstract acrylic painting in yellows and browns depicts notions of the earth. It is part of the Earth Element series. 70x70cm


Water element-chasing summer

Part of the Water Element series, this artwork talks about the Australian summer obsession…finding a beach or swimming locality. The blue and yellow colours express these ideas. 100x100cm


Earth element-desert jewels

The notion of finding riches in the earth is depicted in this painting. It acts as a metaphor for finding our own inner wealth. This work is part of the Earth Element series. 100x100cm


Some little coastal rockpool

Looking into rock pools reveals a shimmering of shapes and textures. Often these impressions give scant clues on what lies beneath the surface. In this painting I’m giving a glancing view at such a small place, inviting the viewer to imagine the world beneath the surface. 40x40cm


Water element-the swim zone

This painting is part of the Water Element series and expresses the idea of water as a feeling medium and space. The cool colours also suggest the presence and appeal of water. 70x90cm


We arrived in the afternoon

Legendary places such as Shangrila, Xanadu and Camelot have long intrigued me. They evoke an ideal imagined world where magic, happiness and goodness prevail. Perhaps this is unattainable in this ordinary world so these places have come to represent those ideas in all of us.


The sky is in the pool

I like to imagine a watery place where sky and water meet. It seems that the sky has fallen into a pool, and water reflects the skys’ colour. Rocks take on an ethereal appearance.


Earth element-desert amethyst

Uncovering treasures in this landscape is akin to discovering hidden treasures deep in our psyche. This painting is about the inner world symbolised by a desert place.


Driving out towards the sun

The great Australian road trip is a well known pastime. This artwork is about finding an adventure, both in the world and within ourselves. 77x77cm


Just dive in

The energy of this painting suggests the impulse of a quick decision, once again expressing notions of the Australian swimming culture. 51x61cm


Safe harbour for Odysseus

I like the idea of exploring our inner life, and this artwork is metaphorical of that journey, symbolised by the hero Odysseus’ journey. The blues are of the ocean, the remaining hues remind us of land. 40x50cm


Land meets sea

An aerial descriptor of a sea and landscape, this painting contrasts the parched environment with the coastal blue typical of sub tropical waters. The colours also act as a contrasting element. 51x40cm


Dry watercourse

The harsh Australian landscape inspired me to create this work. Travelling through western Queensland during drought and not encountering any small creeks with water is a sharp reminder of how tough this outback environment is. 51x51cm


Rolling down hillsides

Remembering the playful joy of children, and rolling down grassy hills of the Northern Rivers of NSW, acted as the impetus for creating this painting. I wanted it to express fun and energy. 76x101cm


Pond breathing

Ponds and pools of water fascinate me. I like the idea of worlds remaining hidden, or only partially revealed. In this painting the small marks and lines act as a suggestion of what lies beneath the water…a cool mysterious place. 70x70cm


Walking over rough terrain

While bushwalking we can experience difficult places and sometimes the loss of tracks. The triangle shapes in the top of the painting symbolise the presence of mountains, and other marks place meaning on rock like shapes and objects to be found. Blue suggests there could be water, or maybe sky!…up to the viewer. 76x76cm



Reaching into the surrounding sea the promontory is a feature of many land/seascapes. Lush green and blue hues express a temperate yet somewhat inaccessible environment. 76x76cm


Written on rock

This work is a acknowledgement all ancient peoples who preserved their culture and presence on rock walls. Much can still be seen in Australia, marking a continuous culture of over 60 thousand years. Rock art is seen in many places in this world. 76x76cm


I deamnt of forests

Walking in rainforest is something that I find very healing. Here I speak about the fleeting light experienced in these forests. Other small details are revealed, as it is when walking in such places. 61x61cm


Looking in-looking out

The outer world can mimic the inner scapes. I enjoyed placing small symbols in this one, that can be explored by the viewer if interested. 100x100cm