Residing on Tamborine Mountain Wangerriburra country, a plateau located in the Scenic Rim Region of Queensland, I create highly colourised abstract artworks. I’m fascinated by colour contrasts and my works are driven by understanding the relationships between colours on the canvas and their ability to symbolically depict organic scenes. By representing external landscapes through metaphorical portrayals, my works are frequently influenced by, and reflective of, my own internal landscape and psyche.

The New York School of mid century artists made a major impression on my creative work and artistic perception in my late teens. Adding to the influence on my approach is the layering work in the abstract expressionisms of German painter Gerhard Richter, and the depth of meaning present in the works of Romanian Australian painter Aida Tomescu.

After acquiring a Diploma of Art Teaching from QUT, and majoring in painting and drawing, I initially taught art in Queensland high schools prior to developing what would become my principal style. Choosing to paint adaptations of the landscape comes largely from having lived in rural Australia and experiencing the innate environment first-hand. The decision to simplify these depictions into abstractions provides the ability to explore my memories of the textures, tones, and sensations associated with these scapes.

I like to compare my paintings to archaeological digs in reverse, and my paintings are typically produced via a method of multilayering. The idea of hidden/revealed interests me. I hope, when the works are viewed, that a memory will be recounted or reexperienced, or that viewers will question the artworks fundamental meaning and consider what it triggers or inspires internally.


“Deeply captivated by the physical formations and emotional sensations of the Australian environment, I’m drawn to create abstract artworks that portray the duality between the external and the internal landscape. Focusing on the expression of colour, my works initially arise out of the amalgamation of contrasting and comparable colour hues on the canvas. Many of the connections these colours produce reflect relationships between elements of the environment and the interaction between my moods and inner dialogue. With the addition of lines, marks and symbols in a largely gestural and expressive manner, I work to achieve a balance between representation and speculation. Throughout the process, I persistently examine the work’s conditional state and meaning, and am consistently questioning how these artistic components may relate to the viewer. Creating through a system that combines aesthetics with intuition, my artworks pour from a place of spatial awareness and metaphysical insight.”

I am available to paint commissions suited to the clients specifications. You can contact me through the contact form.