As my tagline says, “Art and nature”. This is simply an expression of my creativity and interest in the world….nature certainly acts as an inspiration, and underpins many of my ideas. So you will find comment and images relating to my artwork, and sometimes  opinions about gardening, nature and so on. On this page I’ve made a statement about my personal art process and a short bio to help you get to know me.

From an early age drawing was my pre-occupation, and my parents who were also interested in painting, encouraged my creativity. I finished college after majoring in Painting and Drawing, and taught art in Queensland high schools till end of 1982. Two months were spent travelling in Europe and Britain in ’83…an extraordinary chance to visit galleries, museums, famed architecture and ancient archeology. This was greatly inspirational for my art practice. On moving to the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales in ‘87, the rain forests and ocean became my principal stimuli to create, and I continued to do so while raising two children. Two solo exhibitions happened during this time. In 2002 I returned to Brisbane and developed my art practice, participated in many group shows and three more solo shows, and took part in many workshops, both as a student and a teacher. Since recently relocating to Tamborine Mountain, south of Brisbane, I’ve continued my art practice, and am enjoying creating my garden and experiencing nature.

My experience and enjoyment of the natural world and conservation values, are the key driving forces for my artwork production. I like to create connections between memories and feelings of places…capturing the essence or spirit. I’m also drawn to work with ideas of the inner landscape and imagination; contrasts in colour, texture and form intrigue me, so I also create spontaneous abstract pieces. The finished works are vistas, either experienced and remembered or imagined places constructed from memories.

My approach to creating paintings is, in concept,  four fold…

  • to capture the essence/spirit of a place
  • to connect memories, both my own and the viewers, to a place
  • to grasp a glimpse or moment in time, of a remembered or imagined place
  • to follow the physical process of creating an artwork, and to enjoy the act of moving paint around on a canvas

In recent years I’ve been working on mandala digital designs using my own photographs as a base for their creation.

Reliance on intuition and years of technical experience, results in an art object with a life of its own that I like the viewer to contemplate and interpret. Life and art go hand in hand for me…. inseparable, sometimes joyous, sometimes difficult, but always ever present.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my works, please contact me. All prices are shown in AUD (Australian dollars). I’m also available to paint commissioned pieces to the clients specifications. Artworks can also be purchased at https:/bluethumb.com.au/susanlhamo

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  1. Hello Susan! It’s nice to meet you. You have a great blog. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I look forward to seeing and reading some of your work. I am following yours as well. Have a great weekend! 😀


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