My preferred genre is abstract expressionism. I approach my art-making using loosely applied blocks of colour and line, and build on this with multiple layering of shape, line, colour and symbol. Continually questioning the meaning behind each colour, form, and mark, I seek to understand the relationships between each area of the painting allowing each part to speak. The process is intuitive and the painting seems to determine its’ own direction.

Seeking to create connections with the ancient past, I make use of symbols found on ancient objects of “Old Europe”….7000-3000BC, and through this create a narrative of human history and ancestral connection with the natural world. My work sometimes references the landscape, and memories and experiences of places, evoking spirit of place, or the essence of a landscape vista. This could be an actual place or an imagined one. Through these methods and concepts I work towards a depth of meaning and a dialogue between the artwork and the viewer.

Please use my contact page if you are interested in making a purchase or go to https://bluethumb.com.au/susanlhamo All prices are in Australian dollars(AUD).