“Another underwater world” added to semi abstracts

“Another underwater world” has been added to my main gallery, in the Semi abstract landscapes page. This an imagined view of one of those marvellous Yucatan cenotes, with crystal clear water and amazing visibility…almost like a dream landscape. People love to swim and dive in these wonderful pools.

Yucatan cenotes

Another underwater world; a cenotes, Yucatan 90x110cm $745

Finally finished….”Another underwater world”

At last I’ve completed “Another underwater world; a cenotes, Yucatan”. I wanted to capture the mood and spirit of these places….I’ve never visited the Yucatan but have seen images online of these amazing fresh water pools, created by water flowing through limestone. The pools are crystal clear and were revered by the original indigenous peoples of the peninsula. I felt very moved to paint my own impression of such places, and am pleased with the result. I hope it inspires viewers to appreciate the beauty we have on this planet, and to respect these special places….maybe to even visit and experience their pristine nature. In fact, what I like my art to do is to help people connect with the natural world and deepen their appreciation of it…this is one of my personal aspirations.

Yucatan cenotes

Another underwater world; a cenotes, Yucatan