Some flowers

Pink flowers we purchased, and blue and yellow ones from our garden…enjoy

Two in progress in the studio

I’ve actually made some time to paint in the last week and thought I’d keep you posted with pics showing the works I’m painting at the moment. They are still in progress and I’m not sure how they’ll look finished but nearly there, I think. The blue and white painting is, I feel, quite oceanic in atmosphere…and I’m pursuing the idea of a dancing ocean. The other work which is mainly white and yellow, is about contrast of colours…brighter colours being muted somewhat by the whites and greys. It seems to be indicating the idea of division..perhaps on several levels of understanding. I’ll see how it all travels along over the next week or so. Here’s the pics!

Another little painting

Finished another painting yesterday…a very tiny one. I’ve called it “Profusion”, as an expression of the abundant growth here on the mountain. There’s a lot of movement in this work, and this also expresses the energy of growth. The red/orange background colour is very similar to the colour of the earth in my garden. Greens and yellows echo the local plant life which has a grand lushness to it.

“Profusion”  26x20cm  $330

One for winter

Inspired by the winter flowering wattles that are iconic Australian plants, I’ve painted this energetic work which evokes both the drama of the brilliant yellow wattle blooms, and also, in contrast, the colder, windy weather of our winter season. “Winter wattle blooming” is a smaller painting of free and lively brushstrokes and vivid contrast between yellow and darker more sombre “winter” hues.

It is priced at $450(AUD)…..and loving this weather!

“Winter wattle blooming”   51x41cm   $450

“Top paddock” in Rotary Art Spectacular

My little painting “Top paddock” is part of the annual Rotary Art Spectacular, being held this week at Central Plaza, Brisbane. Locals, come along for a look.

Top paddock
Top paddock  30 x 40cm   $295(AUD)

“Rush” is complete

My new abstraction “Rush”, the first of the Contemplation series has been completed. The title relates to the energy of the work, and the dynamic interaction of colour and form. I’m intrigued by the brilliance of the yellow against the dark purple, with a strip of orange. These kind of relationships which are formed on the canvas endlessly fascinate me, and hopefully the viewer can spend time observing the play of colour, line and form.

“Rush”   61×50 cm   $430

New abstraction “Dark mountain, red sky”

This dramatic and vibrant artwork is the latest from my studio. The title “Dark mountain, red sky” is evocative of restless power and drama, and the colourful primary hues exude a joyous feeling. There’s a lot of energy and movement in this work and I certainly enjoyed it’s making. Hope you do too! It’s priced at $530(AUD)…that’s Australian dollars.

Dark mountain, red sky
Dark mountain, red sky

New art from the Remembrance series

“Top paddock” is my latest painting from the Remembrance series. Any one who’s lived in rural Australia can probably relate to this one, or anyone who’s visited such places. “Top paddock” evokes for me, memories of dry grass, or harvested paddocks that run up against some scrub. I depicted a tiny piece of scrub in the left corner, as a bit of the wildness of the original landscape peeking in. It exists as a stark contrast to the larger yellow paddock area and in this painting I’m expressing the essence, the presence of this kind of place. This painting sells for $295.

Top paddock
Top paddock   30x41cm   $295

Artwork of the month

This month I’ll talk about an abstraction I made last year titled “Magenta meets yellow and orange”. This painting has a great sense of immediacy about it, yet the colours and their placement were carefully considered. I wanted to make a juxtaposition of the orange and magenta, yet allow the yellow to be a central theme. It’s almost like a collision of these colours, and this is the result! I knew the background could not be strongly present, taking a very subdued presence, and letting the vibrant magenta, yellow, and orange voice be heard. The painting needed a few extra marks of black to lift it from being a red focused energy, and so I used a couple of simple gestures to balance the hot energy. A few areas of blended colour were employed to break the large orange area in particular. I found this painting to be a lot of fun to make, and in a way it seemed to create itself, or at least had it’s own momentum. Things worked very easily, and I was very happy at completion…and still am! Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.