Flowering gardens

Our Botanic gardens here in Brisbane are a beautiful sight in winter. So many things flower at this time in Australia. I thought you may enjoy some of these wonderful plants.

A day out to the Glasshouse Mountains

Last week we drove north just out of Brisbane, and spent the day visiting a few places in the Glasshouse Mountain area. The mountains are volcanic plugs, and seen by Captain James Cook as he sailed up the east coast of Australia in 1770. They reminded him of chimney stacks from the glass manufacturers of Yorkshire. Today we use their indigenous names to refer to them, and the first nation people tell a story about these spectacular mountains. (Please click on the link to read the story of these mountains…it’s worth reading.) We drove up to a lookout for marvellous views and despite the busy-ness of the school holidays, still appreciated the scenic area. I’d love to come back at a quieter time of year. The back road to drive up to Maleny was a bit hairy…not used to gravel anymore! Maleny is a lovely slightly alternative town, which has become tourist oriented, but a coffee and a pastie helped things somewhat. Parking in a back street was fortunate as I found a couple of flowering Australian shrubs looking vibrant and showy in floral cladding. The wattle was at the end of its flowering, but the purple pea bush was covered in blooms. At the lookout, earlier, there were some very striking examples of banksias, and I photographed them also. Each time we drive out of town we see something new and somehow special. For me personally it serves as inspiration for my art practice, but it’s also good for the heart and soul to touch and experience nature….Taz finds it to be true as well. We always return refreshed and inspired to create.