Jasper takes a walk

On Wednesday we enjoyed an hour walking out to the little King Island off Wellington Point. It was extremely low tide so we had no trouble getting there…except Jasper had to cry at each dog he saw! Apart from that it was pleasant weather and a big blue sky, which can be enjoyed easily without intrusions on the view….oh, and our feet hurt ’cause the sand is very rough, not fine and white as on most Australian beaches….spoilt us! Jasper enjoyed the stroll although he was a bit tired when we arrived home; dinner and a nap was required.

Northern Rivers holiday pics

Loved our brief holiday to the Northern Rivers, NSW…took some beautiful snaps…If you get a chance to go there you’ll love its scenic beauty. Rainforests, national parks, the best beaches, markets, villages and of course Byron Bay are the outstanding features of the area. There’s lots to do and see. It’s definitely a wonderful place for Shinrin-yoku, Japanese for “forest bathing”, and you’ll also catch some good waves off the beaches. Mt Warning (Wollumbin) is the main mountain attraction in the area, and is the remnant plug of a massive volcano that exploded millennia ago leaving a huge caldera up into Queensland and as far south as┬áBallina.

Our favourite things are walking to Protestors and Minyon Falls, and visiting the Crystal Castle near Mullumbimby.

Am excited about using some of these pics as a basis for future artworks. Some of our best pics are here for you in a slideshow.

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Inspiration from walking in nature

I have lots of ideas and inspiration after a walk in nature. Here’s some pics I took while walking on Mt Tamborine, just an hours drive from Brisbane. Much of the walks up there are in rainforest, but it often opens up into more open eucalypt country.

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The mountain walks refresh the mind and offer new thoughts for my creative process, and photographing the surrounding landscape helps me remember the experience for future reference. Nature expands our creative horizons.