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Exhibition of fibre artists work

Recently I accidentally found a show of wonderful work by Queensland fibre artists….just thought I’d show you some pics I took of their work….some really quirky stuff! It’s very inspiring to see such high quality and imaginative woven and felted articles; and done with panache and humour. I’ve included their website…have a peek if you like.

Here’s the pics.


More marvellous flowerings!

The potted plants are really taking off this year…here’s two more from the garden. The fluoro pink flower is a cactus, and the yellow one is a canna lily.


Canna flower
Spotty canna lily
hot pink cactus
Fluoro cactus

Artwork of the month “Pink and yellow melt”

Running a bit late this month with my regular “Artwork of the month” post. Lots of things happening that needed attending to.

But here it is…on the last day!…I’ll discuss my work “Pink and yellow melt”, which at the moment is part of an exhibition “Revolve” in Adelaide.

Pink and yellow
Pink and yellow melt 70cm x 90 cm $695

This painting was created by an inner need to express the idea of pink adjacent to yellow, and I had quite a struggle in it’s making.

The external appearance of simplicity is not the truth with this work…many layers of paint have been involved in its creation. Within the larger areas of colour there are more subtle tones of similar colour, which can only be seen on closer inspection.

My initial concept was to place two large long areas of yellow and pink against each other, and to maintain their individual vibrancy. I needed the two colours to be delineated yet not in too strict a fashion. To achieve this I used a darker contrasting blue-green hue, and allowed it to run down the side of the pink…this line was too strong so a lot of it was painted out, and this was satisfactory. Originally the pink and yellow both extended to the top border, but I felt this to be overwhelming, so I cut out the top sections with the lighter blue.

I encouraged a lot of runs and dribbles, and although this appears spontaneous, each has been carefully considered to create balance. The dribbling lines act as a kind of patterning, and beneath this the viewer can observe underlying layers. The manner in which these layers are placed invites the question of subject/background, revealed/concealed, and the runs act as points of interest to lead the eye around the painting.

Using large flat brushes to achieve bigger areas of colour I had to remain conscious of the strength of the reddish pink and stop it from shouting. I wanted to maintain the vibrant energy of the work, but made use of quieter pastel colours and white to find a balance.

The overall colour scheme could possibly be described as “feminine” but the method of paint application keeps it from becoming too sweet. The mood created is one of joy and happiness with the world, and hopefully the viewer can experience this while observing the piece.

Time wise, this work took a couple of weeks solid work to complete, and I was really satisfied with the result. I felt I had resolved all problems that were presented both in the concept and in within the painting process.

Vivid new abstractions!

Decided its time to put the new abstractions up….the colour is amazing…the photos don’t do them justice. They have a jewel like quality when you actually view them. These paintings have taken a few weeks to complete, and give very little indication of my starting point under the layers. My best and most vigorous work happens when I act with spontaneity, not becoming too precious with little parts underneath that I liked initially. If things need changing then I just do it…even if something is lost as a result. Intuition is my guide, and if followed then a powerful vibrant painting is made. Finally I check if a harmonious artwork has been made, and I’m satisfied with that.

They will be shown from 11July at Graydon Gallery in New Farm, Brisbane. Hope you like them both!


3 Paintings in the “Bold & the Beautiful” show

I’m exhibiting 3 paintings in the “Bold & Beautiful” show opening Friday evening 6pm at Art & Design Precinct, West End, Brisbane….should be a good evening. The show is open till 23 July so plenty of time to pop in.

Here’s the artworks I’m showing.

New abstractions for 2014

These are some of my newest abstract works for this year. Get ready to see more new paintings coming up soon…..working towards a more minimalist style.

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New graphic artwork “Giant Yuccas”

The latest artwork to join the urban graphic group is “Giant Yuccas”…. a wonderful architectural  and rough looking group of yucca plants. I’ve used a brilliant blue sky as a contrasting background, and the image is strong and kind of “in your face”! I love these loud plants and they create a really strong presence in our environment.

Group of yuccas
Giant Yucca 76cm x 76cm $595

New “Palms 3” painting

Here’s my newest addition to the “Palms” series of paintings. This work was shown in the recent “Luminous” show at the BIA, Brisbane.

Strong contrast and vibrant colour are hallmarks of this series of artworks. I really enjoy making these…they’re lots of fun!

"Palms #3"  75cm x 90cm  $400
“Palms #3” 75cm x 90cm $400