Remaining pics from Underwater World

I’m posting the last remaining photos from our day at Underwater World. I love these ones best actually. The starfish and seahorses are so beautiful in colour and grace. Please enjoy!

More pics from Mooloolaba

Here’s a few more pics from Underwater world and the beach at Mooloolaba. It was a lovely day out yesterday. The weather was perfect and cooler now, after a hot summer …so nice. The otters were resting in the sun, and the crocodile resting in his (fake) watercourse. It always concerns me when I see larger wild animals and mammals in restricted environments. How does this affect them emotionally, physically and mentally?…I’m sure it does even though many people would not recognise this as an issue. It’s wonderful to see animals we aren’t familiar with in zoos, and often there are great breeding programs. Still, it causes me to think on these issues….anyway, the beach was beautiful!


Just had to post these colourful images of jellyfish! I photographed these at Underwater world, Mooloolaba, Queensland yesterday, and am surprised how beautiful they look, under changing lights. There a few different species here, but all are amazing and delicate in appearance. I may even create some artworks using the pics as a basis for ideas.