Tropic reef flow….new from the studio

“Tropic reef flow” is now complete, and I’m very pleased with it. The colour used created a joyous feeling for me….hope the same happens for you! In this piece I’m showing the essence of the coral reef experience…flowing water, the blue aqua ocean hues, glimpses of coral and sea life, tropic sunsets, the moving living thing that the reef is. I’ve snorkelled on the Great Barrier reef and this memory remains vivid for me to this day, and there’s also memories of swimming in rock pools and being amazed by the variety of life in those secret places. Hope you enjoy this work as much as I do!

Tropic reef flow   76×76 cm   $600


Marvellous white bat flower

We found this exceptional flowering plant a few weeks ago in the Mt. Cootha Botanical Gardens in Brisbane. Its been planted in the tropical dome for the right climate, although, at the moment it’s just as hot and humid outside! I’ve seen the Black Bat Flower many years ago, but so pleased to at last see the white version. This pic is courtesy of Taz.