Studio works

I’m posting some images showing my studio….maybe of interest to you. Working on a couple of pieces at the moment, one being a little larger than usual. And yes, there is a lime green door, and a magenta pink cupboard side.

New work in the studio

Been working in the studio a lot this long weekend….this smaller piece is vibrant in colour and seems to have a lot of positive energy. Don’t know yet if the colour will stay like this, but I’m just going along with the process. The painting seems to decide it’s direction, and so I proceed. This can be a playful experience but sometimes I get stuck. When that happens, waiting it out is the way to go. Then eventually the next step will reveal itself. Love this process!



In the studio this week

I’ve been working this week, on a few projects including a large commission (not shown here). Been enjoying the process of making these works and I’ll share a pic from the studio this morning….will update when the paintings are complete.


The studio today

In the studio

Here’s what I’m working on in the studio….a very exciting and vivid abstraction…not finished yet, but I’m loving it. I’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks, and its pretty much come together. I’ll post a pic when its complete!

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