2 Paintings in Clayfield College Art show

Two of my semi abstract landscapes are being shown in the Clayfield College art show,  “Inspired” opening 29 May till 31 May.These haven’t been shown before. I enjoyed making them, and they reference aspects of landscape found in the Northern Rivers area of north east NSW….quite a rainy place, actually.

Forest and mist

Cloud Forest 1 80cm x 80cm $595

Wet Season

Wet Season, Northern NSW 65cm X 65cm $595

New semi abstract landscapes

Putting up these two recent paintings; they’re very evocative of wet seasons, which is where we are at here in Brisbane, Australia, at the moment! Must admit, I do like the rain, especially as it cools everything down to the mid-20’s (Celsius), and that’s quite pleasant weather. We fortunately missed the cyclone, but are now receiving some steady rain from it. So, these artworks are reminders of our seasonal wetness: always beautiful and inspiring, and referencing Northern NSW, which can be a very wet place!



New paintings up today

Just photographed a couple of new semi abstract landscapes…they’re about “water” and actually have a very wet appearance. I’m using some new brushes and this helps create a slightly different way of working, if I so choose….makes paint application more flexible. The flowing look is achieved by the use of more water mixed into the paint. There’s quite a few runs and dribbles and this also adds to the watery effect and the colours are predominantly cool watery blues, greens, and a lot of white. They’re very atmospheric works and invoke feelings of the wet season I experienced while living in north east NSW. I’m really enjoying this painting method and am happy to add it to the two approaches I already employ.