Country drive

This time of year makes for pleasant country drives. A favourite is out past Samford. The creek was a bit low but has such interesting rocks, and we met alpacas and mini ponies. Jasper enjoyed his walk and loved the other animals.  Quite a few pics were taken…I’m posting a few for you.


Rocks and water

I captured these beautiful images while exploring the creek in Mt Cougal National Park. It’s  such a pristine environment and the water so clear that the underlying rocks were shown really vividly. I love the patterns in these places and find it inspiring for my art practice, and nurturing for the body and soul.

Pics from Currumbin

Last Friday we visited Currumbin Beach on the famous Gold Coast. It’s a magnificent beach with wonderful rocks, and spectacular views. We took photos from Elephant Rock next to the Surf club, and also down near the other rocks. The weather was perfect, with a slight breeze, not too hot or overcast. Taz even made a quick drip castle as the sand was perfect for the job…took us back to the kids childhood…drip castles were a favourite beach occupation. Currumbin isn’t too crowded and very pleasant to visit and the views from the surf club are amazing. It’s a great treat to walk on a beach again that has proper white sand and put the feet into the surf edge….refreshing for body and mind. My eyes love the distance of an ocean view, and as we do so much close up viewing on devices, it’s a healthy thing to look out to great distances occasionally (well, as much as possible). Currumbin Beach and the surrounding beaches have just been listed as some of the best surf beaches in the world and have some kind of special listing as a result….a wonderful place to play and enjoy.