5 recent artworks for the REVOLVE show at RED Opus ART SPace

Here’s the new pieces for the REVOLVE show at RED OPUS ART SPACE, opening 31 August….must say I’m loving them and can finally admit “I’m a colourist”…..the colour queen in fact!

New group show at Red Opus

Five of my most recent and vibrant works are part of “Revolve”, a new show opening at Red Opus Art Space, Adelaide, South Australia, on the 31 August. If you’re in Norwood next Sunday afternoon, go in for a look. I’m exhibiting with 4 other artists, and the flyer is here so you can see the details….really beautiful.


Revolve show



Susan Lhamo, William Johns, Trish Lambi, Jorge, Cat Leonard

August 31-September 21  Opening Sunday 31 August, 3pm-5pm 

35 Kensington Road, Norwood, SA 5067