9 Essentials you need for your life!

I like all these points…in my opinion these are the essentials needed for a good and healthy life…go to my ARTICLE on this to read more information. So, very briefly, here they are.

photo of sea and sky

Sea and sky

#1 A safe home….everyone needs a place to feel safe; it’s essential for survival.

#2 Good healthy food.…eating healthily and drinking clean water will improve your physical health, and creating a little garden encourages us to eat well too.

#3 Some supportive friends…..we all need a loving family and/or group of friends to accompany us on life’s journey.

#4 Some exercise…..keep the body active; it also helps the mind

#5 Time for contemplation….take time out for yourself each day, preferably without devices!

#6 A job you like…follow your dreams, or try to improve on what you have.

#7 Find a hobby….we can’t work 24/7….finding something that interests you will help make a balanced life.

#8 Personal responsibility…..be responsible for your thoughts, words and deeds.

#9 Try to be kind….the old golden rule applies!

Latest semi abstract

I’m continuing on the my semi abstract landscape theme…maybe I’m channelling my Dad! He was a wonderful watercolour artist, of atmospheric rural Australian landscapes. My landscapes are also about mood; a very atmospheric interpretation of the landscape which can be quite evocative of memories of visited and habited places. These quiet and contemplative works remind us to visit the silent meditative parts of our inner selves, and find solace there. They are a step beyond the chaotic everyday world. And this piece, “Forest Edge”, takes the viewer to a place (perhaps somehow remembered), where the brightness of the paddock leads the eye to the darker forest, of mystery. The light between the trees speaks of a place that is quiet yet not threatening…it’s maybe an invitation to enter our own psychic forest and do some exploring…or maybe just relax in it’s quiet embrace.

Trees and paddocks

Forest edge 1m x 1m $695