Latest Alchemy work is complete

The latest of my Alchemy series is complete today, and so I’m posting it up for you to enjoy. It’s titled “Beach treasures from the oceanic mind” and once again explores the deep hidden areas of psyche moving into light; the painting acts as a metaphor for my own inner process, but also as an external process in the real world, whereby blobs of coloured paint are transmuted into an artwork. Note the tiny specks of gold; another reference to alchemy. This painting’s quite bright in colour over much of the surface and is reminiscent of beach sand…the title speaks of this too. Just as we may find tiny treasures on the sandy shore, similarly we may find hidden treasures within our personalities.

Beach treasures fro the oceanic mind

Beach treasures from the oceanic mind $550 90x70cm

New “Alchemy” painting

Today I’m posting an image of my new “Alchemy” painting, titled “Alchemy: Light emerging”. The piece evokes the idea of light emerging from darkness and references hidden areas of the psyche being revealed. Small marks of gold paint indicate the transmutation of the ordinary into something precious…an aspect of ourselves being acknowledged and recognised as something worthwhile.

Alchemy: Light emerging

Alchemy: Light emerging 51x51cm $420

Works in progress

Progress on abstraction

Progress on second abstraction

At present I’m working on a couple of abstractions. The painting above isn’t titled yet, but the one below is from the “Underwater world” series. The process is enjoyable, yet sometimes problematic in minor ways, as I work on creating balance between the elements and adjusting the colour combinations. Art is always an exploration into the unknown, and this process covers some parts of our souls and reveals others…it’s a metaphor for the psyche moving and shaping itself….sometimes very unpredictable yet always fascinating. To me abstraction i.e. non-representational art, is a very pure form. It relies very little on ideas and, for myself anyway, is a highly intuitive mode of creating…..usually unexpected and fresh.

Process stage

Progress on “Another underwater world”

Artwork of the month

An old one, but a good one…..“Art of exploration” is from my 2006 solo show of the same name. It’s a large painting, mainly in a green colour range, and features the drawn figure of a man with a map, and a fly, and references the idea that even with a map we can’t be sure what’s in the future or what we’ll find. The fly appears quiet, but we all know that flies and forests can spell danger (and he is rather large)! The “forest” in my artwork is often a symbol for the subconscious…an underlying theme of the show. Broad scraped brushstrokes were applied with a cardboard edge and imply a possible route to be taken, although it doesn’t appear to lead anywhere.The painting encapsulates the meaning of the exhibition….of diving into the unknown and having no predicted outcome….a bit like life really!

Art of exploration

Art of exploration

New painting…here’s my process

I’ve been working on a new piece for a few weeks and I thought I’d show some images of my abstract painting process. This painting started out as some curved sprayed lines of paint with a few areas of rough and runny paint sections. It belongs in the genre of the “unplanned” paintings….the spontaneous “therapeutic” artworks that emerge from the psyche. I work in this style when I feel a bit bogged down, and things become predictable in approach and product. So “Blue curve+spots” is finished up, and I’m feeling satisfied with the result. Below is the completed work. And at the bottom are two images of the final stages of the painting.

blue lines and spots

Blue curve+spots

Instituting the “Artwork of the month”

Beginning of each month I’ll upload images of one or more artworks, and discuss these in terms of my practice. Usually the pieces will be my own works, but potentially other famous and familiar images can be shown.

This month I’m looking at some digital images from my Gallery 2 page, “Dark Water #1” and “Dark Water #2”.

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These images represent unfathomable mystery and even danger. The notion that the superficial surface of things hiding the unseen and even unknowable is something that I’ve often played with, and these two images with gentle patterns and reflections lead the viewer to contemplate “what lies beneath”. When we examine our psyche many unknown and fearful emotions and memories rise up from the depths. In a previous solo exhibition, The Art of Exploration (2006), I dwelt on the idea of hidden depths, water and journeying into the unknown places of the psyche. Water is often used as a symbol of these concepts, and I continue to explore these ideas in my work. If we research this symbol it’s evident that “water” is universal in it’s meaning(s) including that of purification. Ironically water is needed to cleanse what’s hidden beneath its own depths!

On the level of aesthetics I’ve always found water patterns intriguing and beautiful, and these two digital images are both beautiful and haunting. Green and blue are the natural colours of the medium, and I’ve allowed the ripples to be accented to emphasise this patterning.They feel complete in their simplictity. Pool, pond, river edge, or ocean? This is left up to the viewer and their imagination.