“Reflections: billabong” from the studio

A new work “Reflections: billabong” is completed and has taken quite some time to create. My painting process can be quite lengthy…I overpaint and change things in my paintings, as I’m working on them. Often they begin with an idea, even a predetermined image in my mind. But the painting develops a life of its’ own and the final stage is regularly unrecognisable from the original idea. I love this spontaneity! It’s a joy to work in this manner, responding to my intuition and tweaking it with knowledge and technical expertise.

The inspiration came from a visit to the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens where a beautiful billabong (small lake) is located. The immediate surroundings are native trees and plantings but some reflections are of the local houses. I love the juxtaposition of urban surroundings with nature in this case, and highlighted the greens and blues of the watery pools with vivid warm colours from the suburb. Lots of fun and I hope you enjoy “Reflections: billabong”.

Please contact me if you are interested in making a purchase. The painting is $990(AUD) and is 76x76cm, acrylic paint on stretched linen.

Reflections - billabong
Reflections:billabong  76x76cm  $990


Mystic garden

Mystery garden
Mystery land

What a strange otherworldly discovery we made at the Mt Cootha Botanic gardens…a little group of “terrestrial” plants looking like they were from another planet. The misting spray was watering these plants and helped create an eerie atmosphere, albeit in front of a very brick wall. All the same, I managed to imagine a mystic hidden landscape with it’s unusual colour tones. We also had a wonderful encounter with some small brown fish in the newly cleaned tropical dome pool….so lovely to touch and even pat some little water creatures….they were checking us out as food providers! The water was too reflective for a pic of that but here’s a couple of photos of the “mystic garden”.