New collage

I’ve recently completed a new collage, and quite a strange one it is! It has a story though, but I’ll show you first.

A new collage

Almost perfect

The story is….I found a butterfly lying on the grass and thought she was dead. She had damaged wings, and tried to fly when I picked her up, but couldn’t use the wings properly and was very exhausted. Taz took her inside, gave her a place with leaves, flowers etc in a box, and actually managed to feed her some dilute sugar syrup on a cotton ball…after having to delicately unwind her proboscis (feeding tube). The little creature survived overnight, and next morning was sitting in a tiny piece of sunlight in her box. So we took her outside into the light and air, and near to a tree. She seemed to delight in this and amazingly flew away!…to freedom. We were very pleased and I was inspired to write a haiku and make this artwork. The leaves are all photo copies of actual leaves we found, but obviously the butterfly isn’t! The species is called a “Common Crow”, and is local to the Brisbane area. So that’s the story. And it had a happy ending for all of us. Here’s the Haiku I wrote, and it’s included in the collage.

We thought she would die

But she flew away freely

Into the bright morn

She caught the gentle breeze

Light on broke and spotted wings

Tasting life’s sweet freedom