My little flowering violas

These little viola plants are happily flowering away, despite the cold(for us) weather. It’s lovely to walk out into the yard and see their charming faces in the garden….and they have a beautiful perfume; like violets, of course.

Happy violas

Lilly pilly blossoms

One of the lilly pilly trees in our yard is full of blossoms….the lorikeets and bees are having a crazy time collecting nectar! Overnight, the perfume is strong…like honey.

Fluffy blossoms
Lilly silly close up

Picked from the garden

Things are flowering in my little garden.…so I picked a tiny posey. The yellow snapdragon actually has a perfume…never smelled that before in a snappy. The other yellow flowers are native Australian paper daisies.

Flowers picked from my garden
From the garden