Two new works

I’ve recently completed 2 new paintings. Have a look in my Gallery 1 page or go to

Studio today

A glimpse of what’s happening in my studio this week…still working on a couple of pieces, and enjoying the pastel hues (although that can change at any time, when I begin to balance colours and tones!). Thought I pop this image up for the viewer!

Pastel coloured abstract paintings in my art studio

Two pastel coloured abstractions in my studio today

Newly painted in the studio

I’ve been making a bit more time for myself to be creative in my studio and have just yesterday completed 2 new paintings. It’s a relief to get back into art making again as I’ve been devoting a lot of time to the gardening project, but sometimes the need for art creation comes to the fore and I follow my instincts! The new paintings reference my love for the natural world and my experience of it, but are also very abstracted in format. It’s more about feeling the place and creating an abstract impression of this…called expressionism actually! Paint marks made on the canvas are significant in all my work…they point to abstracted ideas of objects, people etc. but also serve to lead the eye on a journey across the paintings, and to linger in areas that can be explored more. One artwork is a small forest painting, the other a beach. Both are refreshing and sustaining places to visit. “Forest wandering 1” is priced at $340 and is 40x30cm in size; the other is titled “Beach stroll”, a much larger painting, and priced at $995. Its’ size is 92x60cm. Both were a great joy to paint! Please reach me on my contact page if you’re interested in making a purchase.

Beach stroll

Beach stroll $995 92x60cm

Forest wandering 1

Forest wandering 1 $340 40x30cm

Brisbane Art Prize

One of my artworks has been pre selected for the Brisbane Art Prize. The theme is about the artists interpretation of the meaning of life, which is very broad. My painting is titled “Night birds soul dreaming”. It’s a way, for me, to show the interconnectedness of nature and ourselves. The bird is quite mystical and magical, its presence hinted at. I like the idea of the forest at night, and so have tried to capture this tying it in with some magic….a strange little painting. If you are in Brisbane during the exhibition dates, come along and have a look….better still, come to opening night!

Susan Lhamo

Beginnings of Coochie-water edge

Today I’ve started a painting that I’d like to enter into the Redlands Art Show. Taking my inspiration from the little bay island, Coochiemudlo, I’ve painted the initial layer of bright colour. I’ve visited this island many times…it’s a short ferry ride from Victoria Point. Coochie is a tiny island and easy to walk around, and surprisingly diverse in natural habitats for its size. I’m taking my idea from the western side facing the mainland where the cliffs and rocks are red pumice stone, and the water is clear. There’s often a lovely bright light on this side of the island and I’m aiming to capture that brightness and the vivid colour that accompanies it.


Beginnings: Coochie water edge

“Sentinals” has arrived

I’ve been working on quite a few paintings recently, one of them being “Sentinals”. My memory stores images of thousands of landscapes, especially useful as these memories inform my artwork to a great extent. Cliff faces and rocky outcrops are dramatic landscape features and in “Sentinals” have been my main inspiration. In this work I’ve captured, with immediacy and spontaneity, the rough nature of such features. The “sentinels” themselves evoke a feeling of a watchful presence over the land. The rocks and bushland come alive with contrasting hues of yellow green and reddish magenta, and I’ve enjoyed painting the essence of this powerful kind of Australian landscape.



“Sentinals”  51x40cm  $400


Another update…gallery archives

There’s some updates to my archives….most of this artwork is no longer available, except 2 “palm” paintings. Skip over to these pages…Abstractions (older works), Very old paintings, and Photography.

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2 paintings up for display

Two of my artworks have been selected for display in the Lions Club of Macgregor Art Extravaganza show at Westfields Garden City, Brisbane from 6 July till 19 July, shopping hours. They are “Morning Light” and “Cloud Forest”.

Artwork of the month

This month I’m featuring an older painting “Water gem 1” from around 2007. I had made a series of works around the idea of water running over pebbles. Initially a couple of small paintings were made in watercolour, and then I painted a group of 5 acrylics from that concept. The photo images I took weren’t of good quality, sadly. but the image I’m showing today is probably the best. I wanted to convey the idea of pebbles becoming something else…more precious. The colours in the painting I’m showing today are quite lively, and the focus is on the blue contrasting with other jewel like hues. The series was named “Water gems”. As a theme, it seems to be recurring in more recent ideas I’m formulating and working on at the moment, so I’ll keep you posted about these.

Water gem 1

Water gem 1

Here’s one of the original watercolours that inspired the “Water gem” series.

Water 1

Water 1

3 paintings in Rotary Arts Spectacular, Brisbane

The RAS has come round again, and 3 of my artworks have been selected. “Lakeland Garden” is selected for display, and “Forest edge” and “Accidental F” can be viewed online at the RAS website. The show opens 28 May and continues till June 8, and this year is being held at Waterfront Place, Brisbane. Happy to show these beautiful paintings!

Untitled 1

Lake land garden 90cm x 90cm $695

Abstract painting Accidental F

Accidental “F” 76×76 cm $595

Trees and paddocks

Forest edge 1m x 1m $695