Updated version of “Alchemy: the cave where we were all born”

This week I’ve worked some more on “Alchemy: the cave where we were all born”. I wasn’t completely satisfied with it, so I’ve worked more paint onto the surface and given it more detail and interest. It feels quite lush now, and I feel happier with the result.

Alchemy: the cave where we were all born

Alchemy: the cave where we were all born

Developing collage

I’ve been working on a collage piece with cut/torn paper…. found text and images from magazines. I used some paint also. Just wanted to see how quickly I could produce something. It doesn’t take long and is lots of fun and a bit messy. I’ll probably try some more pieces. Interesting how text can create the illusion of texture, and some of the spaces could be developed with paint or even pastel…a great experiment! So here’s the images.

Mini abstracts in process!

Been working on these little paintings…making ‘drip’ layers, layering thick paint mono-print style, then scraping away paint to add line etc…a bit pressured working quickly, but the result is good and really colourful. Bit of an experiment with some new ideas.