“Scrubland west of Jericho” is finalist in Outback art awards

“Scrubland west of Jericho” is a finalist in the John Villiers Outback Art Awards. The exhibition will open on the 13th March at the Waltzing Matilda Centre, Winton, Queensland.

Scrubland west of Jericho 50x50cm

“Outback-dark and bright”

Here’s the newly complete “Outback-dark and bright”. This painting reflects my road trip experience through western Queensland. The light is clear and bright, even harsh, and the title speaks to this. Outback Queensland is a severe environment, often suffering drought, and the landscape shows this in its’ harsh appearance. I was inspired by the Drummond Range on the western edge of the Central Highlands, as we headed further west to the outback. The contrast in tone and colour highlights the stark landscape.

This painting can be purchased at bluethumb Click on this link to see more.

“Outback-dark and bright” 51x41cm $440