My little rockery loves summer

Happy new year to you all! Am glad to say that my small rockery garden is looking very happy too after some good rain…took these pics this morning to show you all. Some things have even self seeded, such as marigolds and rocket. Very pleased. Hope 2016 treats you well.

little rockery 1
Parsley, basil and goddesses
Close up of the herbs
Herbs, close up
Herbs and snappies
View of the herb clump

Garden is growing!

My little garden is showing some progress, even though the weather is cool. The flowers and herbs are enjoying it even if growth is a lot slower. I’ve had to protect the parsley and lettuce with pot covers at night due to some sort of marauder; not exactly sure what it is! But this strategy has worked fairly well. So it’s all progressing along nicely and I’m picking lettuce leaves, rocket, basil and parsley to use in cooking so I’m very happy with that. The marigolds, violas and pansies seem happy and healthy¬†and are flowering brightly. Getting a lot of joy from this small garden, and working simply and quietly in it. Here’s a few pics, including one weird photo of the pots covering plants before evening sets in.