New work with environmental emphasis

My new painting, “Big Scrub-nearly gone” addresses some environmental concerns I have regarding loss of natural habitat. The Big Scrub was a large forested area from the Qld border down to Grafton; quite a large piece of land, once rainforest covered. Remnants remain in gullies, hillsides and national parks, and this artwork depicts such a pocket on the side of the Pacific Highway, northern NSW. The forest is so diverse and I employed bright colours to indicate this…a feature plant is the iconic Bangalow palm. Years previously I lived in this area and have developed much love for these beautiful remaining pieces of forest. Through this painting I’m endeavouring to bring to awareness the issues of loss of natural treasures in Australia. Hope you love the painting and feel some connection to the natural world through viewing the image.

“Big Scrub-nearly gone”   $890(AU)  76x76cm

Return of “Artwork of the month”

This month, after a time of family ill health, I’m bringing back Artwork of the month. This November it’s a painting that’s hanging on my wall, which I made 14 years ago, and still remains a favourite. The title is “Rainforest stream, Terania”, and it realistically depicts a beautiful rainforest creek in Northern New South Wales, Australia. I lived in the area for many years and visited this rainforest many times, often taking photos. This part of the creek is in the Nightcap National Park, and is one of my most beloved places. The water is pristine, and the creek itself is ever changing in subtle ways. I made a series of artworks at this time, in a very realistic vein. The series was called “Spirit of Place” and depicted places I’d personally visited that had lasting impacts on my life. “Rainforest Stream, Terania” has vibrant colours, and this is actually how Terania Creek looks in midday sunlight. The painting took 6 months to complete, with my returning to it till I was satisfied with the final piece. Hope you enjoy!

Rainforest Stream, Terania
Rainforest Stream, Terania


Northern Rivers holiday pics

Loved our brief holiday to the Northern Rivers, NSW…took some beautiful snaps…If you get a chance to go there you’ll love its scenic beauty. Rainforests, national parks, the best beaches, markets, villages and of course Byron Bay are the outstanding features of the area. There’s lots to do and see. It’s definitely a wonderful place for Shinrin-yoku, Japanese for “forest bathing”, and you’ll also catch some good waves off the beaches. Mt Warning (Wollumbin) is the main mountain attraction in the area, and is the remnant plug of a massive volcano that exploded millennia ago leaving a huge caldera up into Queensland and as far south as Ballina.

Our favourite things are walking to Protestors and Minyon Falls, and visiting the Crystal Castle near Mullumbimby.

Am excited about using some of these pics as a basis for future artworks. Some of our best pics are here for you in a slideshow.

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