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Another birthday

Yesterday was a lovely day…my 61st birthday. I had a great day out up on the mountain with Taz (Mt Tamborine). It’s their Open Garden Trail all weekend. We spent the day looking at beautiful gardens and enjoying a picnic at the Knoll National Park. The gardens were all different in style; a small (almost overwhelming) cottage style, a house garden with marvellous orchids, and a palatial residence with some french styled parterre gardens. Many magnolias featured, and some plants happily appeared in all the gardens…must be climate. We didn’t visit all the gardens that were on display, but there’s always next year. Please enjoy these pics! (Thanks to Taz for most of these pics).

Pics from a day out

Walking up on the mountain, a fave thing to do, we discovered some new stuff. The best is the giant pill bug, related to millipedes. It was about 5 centimetres long!….and moving slowly on many legs. The huge fallen rainforest tree, covered in moss, created a long cave, and probably a good home for many creatures. Other mossy rocks and a fallen orange flower also made interesting images….so here they are.

Mt Tamborine Gardens

One of our favourite spots to visit is the Mt Tamborine Gardens. It’s always a restful day out, and very pleasant strolling around these quiet gardens. There’s some rainforest plants and some colourful cottagey ones as the air is cooler up on the mountain. Here’s some photos I took during our walk.

Curtis Falls creek, Mt Tamborine

Made a little journey up the mountain during the week…to a favourite spot only an hour’s drive south from Brisbane. Mt Tamborine is a beautiful subtropical environment with many walking tracks, art galleries, cafes etc. We love visiting on a week day as it’s a bit more quiet. Did a short walk down to Curtis Falls; lots of water flowing after all the rain we’ve experienced lately. The falls themselves are not very high or large but the place has a lovely peaceful energy despite being quite a popular tourist spot. Taz took these great pics with her iphone, and I’m posting them up….the water looks like a spa and felt very inviting, although you can’t go in as its fenced off and a protected area (fair enough). The water is very pristine and clear; the tree is a massive strangler fig which is a parasitic vine but grows up its host, then strangles it and takes its place…lots of them in the rainforest.