New “Alchemy” painting finished

I’ve just completed the newest addition to the Alchemy series…full of light and dark contrasts, and mystery. It is somehow representative of our inner selves, moving into light, and revealing our true beautiful colours. Hope you enjoy this one and feel some connection to its voice. It is titled “We hide in secret spaces”. Note the two small areas of gold paint, a reminder of “alchemy”.

We hide in secret spaces
We hide in secret spaces

In the studio today

The “Alchemy” series continues on with work progressing on a new painting. These newest works are painted on linen which creates a richer painting experience and is a more flexible surface that can be rubbed over and receives washes in a better responsive way. After using canvas previously, I’m reluctant to go back to it! I’ve taken a pic for you to see….should be complete soon. The colours are deep and mysterious pinks, purples and blues with hints of brighter hues.

New Alchemy painting
New for “Alchemy”