Little painting in Belle Arti Prize

One of my works is currently on show in the Belle Arti Prize, at Chapman and Baileys, Melbourne….entitled “Lake, earth, sky”.


Lake, earth, sky

“Top paddock” in Rotary Art Spectacular

My little painting “Top paddock” is part of the annual Rotary Art Spectacular, being held this week at Central Plaza, Brisbane. Locals, come along for a look.

Top paddock

Top paddock  30 x 40cm   $295(AUD)

“Sentinals” has arrived

I’ve been working on quite a few paintings recently, one of them being “Sentinals”. My memory stores images of thousands of landscapes, especially useful as these memories inform my artwork to a great extent. Cliff faces and rocky outcrops are dramatic landscape features and in “Sentinals” have been my main inspiration. In this work I’ve captured, with immediacy and spontaneity, the rough nature of such features. The “sentinels” themselves evoke a feeling of a watchful presence over the land. The rocks and bushland come alive with contrasting hues of yellow green and reddish magenta, and I’ve enjoyed painting the essence of this powerful kind of Australian landscape.



“Sentinals”  51x40cm  $400


Updated pages

Just updated two pages….Abstractions 2015, with “Blue space” and “Their underwater world”, and Semi abstract Landscapes, with the two small lake paintings and “Gorge, waterfall, rain”.

Lake land garden….artwork of the month

This month, and its getting on fast, being xmas eve, I’d like to talk briefly about the painting “Lakeland Garden”. I made this work earlier this year for an exhibition, which featured the idea of garden. This artwork is very atmospheric, and painted in muted hues. I love its mood…its very soothing and contemplative….the lake is merely suggested, and the trees are just suggested shapes. The vision is one of moving through a mist filled scene of a watery landscape….a beautiful piece to meditate upon.

Untitled 1

Lake land garden 90cm x 90cm $695