New works added to Gallery 1

Four recent artworks have been added to Gallery 1….take a peek.

Crazy Cactus design

Update of Home page

I’ve just updated my home page to reflect my recent works, and a few of my favs. Click on the link to have a peek.

“Waterhole” is finished

I have at last completed a painting I’ve been fussing around with for more than a month. Now I’m satisfied I’ll post it up here. The image isn’t totally accurate as my camera doesn’t like greens, and this painting has them aplenty. It originally started as a water painting, morphed into a forest, then changed back into water….so that’s what was meant to be in the first place! I’ve titled it “Waterhole” and enjoyed creating a dark slightly unnerving mood with dark hues, and there are many layers of colour….waterholes always lead me to ponder what lies beneath the surface…a bit like life really.

“Waterhole” 76x76cm  $650

New page for old artworks!


Just letting you know I’ve added a new page for “Old paintings” which is under Gallery Archives…it’s titled “Very old paintings” and they’re more than 20 years, even 25 years old. I spoke at length about these works in a blog dated May17, 2014. It’s worth a look at both these links…they’re interesting! Here’s a peek at some of the images.


Process demonstration

I’ve recently worked on a small painting and thought I’d show my process with a few images. It’s quite abstract and the colours are uplifting. The paint has been allowed to run in some places. I’ve cut a stencil to block out a few areas, to appear as spots, and also have used a few colours of spray paint which gives a softened feel to the piece….not finished yet.


Love these bromeliads!

Just recently we happened upon a wonderful bromeliad display. The flowers on some were huge!….had to take photos of these beauties. The colours were vibrant, and an interesting contrast to the strappy and sculptural leaves. I’ve also thrown in a couple of extra images of a gorgeous orchid and a brilliant walking stick palm….hope you enjoy!


Loving the collage!

Been working on a couple of collages, and have completed them. One I started a few weeks ago, “Citified”, and the second one I made in two days last weekend, “Inner world, Underworld”. “Citified” followed an idea of City that I wanted to explore, but I’m liking “Inner world, Underworld” most as I created it with the intention of being purely intuitive in my selection and placement of the photo images. It seems to express deep parts of my psyche, and on completion I felt very satisfied, as if something hidden had been revealed. Symbols such as an eagle, spider, gardens, a chair, flowers, a fan, a heart, deep and shallow water etc. emerged from my selection and I placed them in pleasing yet random ways. These symbols have often appeared in my dreams and I’m quite familiar with them, but still surprised me when I chose to cut them out. Colour and texture in the images initially attracted me. This way of working with collage is sometimes called “self-mirroring” and is designed to bring forth repressed or unseen aspects of our being. We can then reflect on this and learn something of ourselves in the process. This inner process can take a few weeks to emerge but will often reveal a kind of teaching. I enjoy this type of artistic creativity and pursue it with my abstractions, allowing them to be really spontaneous and unconstructed. No pre-planning allowed!

the psyche
Inner world, Underworld $200











the city and girls
Citified $150