Newly uploaded “After the rains”

Fresh from the studio is my latest artwork “After the rains”. We’ve experienced some extreme weather on the mountain with trees blown down and damaged, and power outages. In response to this I painted “After the rains”, after walking and driving around. The contrasting colours are something I enjoy doing, as I’m very much a colorist.

If you want to purchase this painting it’s available on my Bluethumb profile.

“After the rains” 101x76cm $1350

Another little painting

Finished another painting yesterday…a very tiny one. I’ve called it “Profusion”, as an expression of the abundant growth here on the mountain. There’s a lot of movement in this work, and this also expresses the energy of growth. The red/orange background colour is very similar to the colour of the earth in my garden. Greens and yellows echo the local plant life which has a grand lushness to it.

“Profusion”  26x20cm  $330

Art from the mountain

An abstract painting in greens, pinks and yellow

I’ve been creating some more artworks today, taking some time out from the garden. A newly finished piece is “Green retreat”, expressing the mood and sense of “green” overwhelm that living here on the mountain induces. The presence of the lush local rainforest and garden landscape is all surrounding…its green abundance and cicadas singing outside is the ever present energy. Pinks and yellows act as contrast and are a nod to the flowering trees and plants that accompany the green.

This painting is acrylic paint on stretched linen and is ready to hang. It measures 76×76 cm. and is priced at $1070 AUD. Enquires can be made here.

An abstract painting in greens, pinks and yellow
“Green retreat” 76x76cm $1070

Latest Remembrance painting is up

I’ve recently completed another Remembrance painting, “Remembrance: Wetland swamp”. It’s a collation of many memories and some experiences of these dark and mysterious places. I love the way the bright and often grassy edge to wetlands is so vibrant in vivid greens, and bumps up against the dark secretive swamp area….the contrast is stark. In this painting I’ve made use of quick marks which act as detail in large one toned or coloured parts. The “marks” are important parts of all my paintings and though they may be small, are actually very powerful strong pieces of the picture acting as contrast or detail in open areas. Each mark is quite considered even though it has the appearance of being spontaneous. In “Wetland swamp” I’ve also employed the hidden/revealed approach to large areas of colour and there is a lot of complexity in the work. This gives the painting depth and an aliveness throughout. This painting is available for sale at $570.

Remembrance: Wetland swamp
Remembrance: Wetland swamp $570 101x76cm