Artwork of the month, an old one

I was scratching around in my old art stuff and found a folder of old watercolours and gouache artworks, made on paper. They look as fresh as the day they were painted….thought you may like to see one in the Artwork of the month slot. The piece I’ve chosen is one from a Farmland series, “Farmland 1”. All these small works are abstracted aerial views of rural landscapes…I lived for many years in rural districts of Australia. This one takes up the idea of the ploughed landscape and fallow paddocks. It’s gouache paint on watercolour paper using vibrant hues, 25 years old I think! Hope you like it.

Farmland 1

Farmland 1

Old gouache painting rediscovered!

Just rediscovered an old gouache painting from around 20 or more years ago!….very abstract and vivid in colour, it was made by using my left hand only. I remember it being strange to paint with the unfamiliar left hand, as it has so little control. But this resulted in a very unplanned piece, yet still very harmonious. It’s like entering into the psyche and popping out something unexpected, unpredictable and exciting, and full of symbols like moons, water, circles of life and so on…hope you enjoy also!

Yellow lefthand