Exciting works from the APT8 in Brisbane

The Asia Pacific Triennial has recently opened at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) in Brisbane. I always look forward to every 3 year event as it showcases the most exciting new art coming out of the Asia and Pacific regions. In fact it’s the biggest display of Asian/Pacific art in the world. This is the 8th time around, and as usual there’s some spectacular and interesting stuff, ranging from large installations, paintings, and videos. I’ve visited 3 times already (lucky it’s free!) and have taken lots of pics. My favourite work is a large projection inside a cave like area (you have to duck down to get in). I don’t have any images of that but hope to next time I go….will show you then! Another fav is the huge installation of large timbers created from old jetty material…standing on sections results in a fantastic soundscape. I’ll gradually load up pics…too many to show in one go, so keep posted!

At GOMA, Jemima Wyman, Pattern Bandits

Get along to GOMA, Brisbane to catch Jemima Wymans’ show, especially for kids. Its full of colour, and things to do…I really enjoyed the Kaleidoscope walkway with cameras…when you walk past a new ever changing pattern is made!…So clever. Here’s a slide show. Go see it…so much fun.

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Last days Cai Guo-Quiang show in Brisbane

Last chance to see the brilliant show by Cai Guo-Quiang at GOMA, Brisbane….it closes 11 May, and is really worth seeing. There are some amazing installations including HEAD ON and HERITAGE, and a few other things as well. Here’s a slide show for you to enjoy, of Heritage.

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Another for Head On

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