Latest Alchemy work is complete

The latest of my Alchemy series is complete today, and so I’m posting it up for you to enjoy. It’s titled “Beach treasures from the oceanic mind” and once again explores the deep hidden areas of psyche moving into light; the painting acts as a metaphor for my own inner process, but also as an external process in the real world, whereby blobs of coloured paint are transmuted into an artwork. Note the tiny specks of gold; another reference to alchemy. This painting’s quite bright in colour over much of the surface and is reminiscent of beach sand…the title speaks of this too. Just as we may find tiny treasures on the sandy shore, similarly we may find hidden treasures within our personalities.

Beach treasures fro the oceanic mind

Beach treasures from the oceanic mind $550 90x70cm

New “Alchemy” painting

Today I’m posting an image of my new “Alchemy” painting, titled “Alchemy: Light emerging”. The piece evokes the idea of light emerging from darkness and references hidden areas of the psyche being revealed. Small marks of gold paint indicate the transmutation of the ordinary into something precious…an aspect of ourselves being acknowledged and recognised as something worthwhile.

Alchemy: Light emerging

Alchemy: Light emerging 51x51cm $420