Artworks of the month

I’m bringing the “tour de force” abstracts I love…artworks of the month. Great energy and positive feelings are kindled by this group…Enjoy!

New work complete

“Early morning-colour jump” is finished. It’s from the “Contemplation” series of works. This piece is dynamic and energised with lively colour contrasts, detailed marks and spontaneous brushwork. It’s a playful piece, hence including “jump” in the title. The landscape is referenced, with forms seemingly emerging in a rural setting….the indistinct shapes can only be guessed at. I had a lot of fun making this painting and maybe this is reflected in it, and I encourage the viewer to let their eye roam around the surface and gently observe whatever will be encountered.


“Early morning-colour jump”  51x51cm  $370(AUD)

Happy birthday season!

That time of year has come around (or will on Wednesday) for the annual birthday. Usually I don’t worry too much but this year is the 60th, and that’s a big one some I’m enjoying a “season”; well a weeks worth anyway. Had a lovely gathering last Saturday at a local restaurant…lots of conversation, laughs and good food; and then some more partying with family, and a special “60 glorious years” birthday cake. People were very generous with all kinds of gifts, and eldest daughter H organised a special one of Tom Ford perfume…so beautiful. We took pics and I’m posting some…a bit crazy for my usual blog, but the 60 year cycle only comes around once for most of us. Time to enjoy!