Addition to Gallery 1

“Forest dance” has now been added to Gallery 1. Take a look here.

Forest dance
“Forest dance” 35x35cm $380

“Forest dance” finished

“Forest dance” has been recently finished and can be viewed and purchased here on my Bluethumb profile page.

Forest dance
“Forest dance” 35x35cm $380


4 new pieces uploaded

Finished some new works in the last couple of months….so am showing them to you. The abstractions feature my favourite subjects…the reef, the forests and the desert.

Latest works now in Gallery 1

I’ve added three recent works to Gallery 1 and I’m pleased how they look. They’re titled “Kata Juta: dusk”, “Sunday morning: Rainbow Valley”, and “Forest conversation”. These paintings, along with all my other paintings, can be purchased at


Another little painting

Finished another painting yesterday…a very tiny one. I’ve called it “Profusion”, as an expression of the abundant growth here on the mountain. There’s a lot of movement in this work, and this also expresses the energy of growth. The red/orange background colour is very similar to the colour of the earth in my garden. Greens and yellows echo the local plant life which has a grand lushness to it.

“Profusion”  26x20cm  $330

New work with environmental emphasis

My new painting, “Big Scrub-nearly gone” addresses some environmental concerns I have regarding loss of natural habitat. The Big Scrub was a large forested area from the Qld border down to Grafton; quite a large piece of land, once rainforest covered. Remnants remain in gullies, hillsides and national parks, and this artwork depicts such a pocket on the side of the Pacific Highway, northern NSW. The forest is so diverse and I employed bright colours to indicate this…a feature plant is the iconic Bangalow palm. Years previously I lived in this area and have developed much love for these beautiful remaining pieces of forest. Through this painting I’m endeavouring to bring to awareness the issues of loss of natural treasures in Australia. Hope you love the painting and feel some connection to the natural world through viewing the image.

“Big Scrub-nearly gone”   $890(AU)  76x76cm

Artwork of the month

An old one, but a good one…..“Art of exploration” is from my 2006 solo show of the same name. It’s a large painting, mainly in a green colour range, and features the drawn figure of a man with a map, and a fly, and references the idea that even with a map we can’t be sure what’s in the future or what we’ll find. The fly appears quiet, but we all know that flies and forests can spell danger (and he is rather large)! The “forest” in my artwork is often a symbol for the subconscious…an underlying theme of the show. Broad scraped brushstrokes were applied with a cardboard edge and imply a possible route to be taken, although it doesn’t appear to lead anywhere.The painting encapsulates the meaning of the exhibition….of diving into the unknown and having no predicted outcome….a bit like life really!

Art of exploration
Art of exploration