Beauties flowering

We have a gorgeous hanging basket of pink petunias and a striking yellow canna flowering at the moment. Spring has sprung!

Roma St. Parklands

This is a beautiful garden in the city centre, and I’d not visited for years….so we spent a couple of hours there yesterday. There’s a rainforest, plenty of grassy space, a lake and wonderful garden walks, with tons of running/falling water features. It’s much loved by all ages, and at the moment the spring display is really vibrant. These pics are courtesy of Taz.

Happy birthday season!

That time of year has come around (or will on Wednesday) for the annual birthday. Usually I don’t worry too much but this year is the 60th, and that’s a big one some I’m enjoying a “season”; well a weeks worth anyway. Had a lovely gathering last Saturday at a local restaurant…lots of conversation, laughs and good food; and then some more partying with family, and a special “60 glorious years” birthday cake. People were very generous with all kinds of gifts, and eldest daughter H organised a special one of Tom Ford perfume…so beautiful. We took pics and I’m posting some…a bit crazy for my usual blog, but the 60 year cycle only comes around once for most of us. Time to enjoy!

Garden progress

Our little garden has gone quite well over winter. I’ve been using lettuce, (just picked and ate a lovely salad with brown mignonette…yum) and am harvesting the broccolini now. The herbs are doing well, and the flowers too. Been preparing and expanding the area in readiness for spring and summer crops of tomato, cucumber and zucchini, as well as more lettuce, basil and rocket. I’ll plant warrigal greens soon which is an indigenous plant good in stir fries, soups etc. and also some borage seeds. Soon the rocket and basil seeds will be collected and sown into seedling mix. It’s lots of fun, even if sometimes hard work.

Possum prevention

I’ve had to take preventative measures to stop the local possum family from marauding through my little garden and snacking on everything, including flowers…they loved the violas! So the garden is now covered with a large tent like sheet of bird mesh, supported by a small tough willing bush in the centre. It seems to have worked. Now the garden has a very strange appearance, like some ghostly apparition in the evening light, but at least I can pick salad items and not be disappointed. We love our native wildlife but sometimes it can be really annoying!

stop marauding possums

Possum prevention

Our bromeliads are flowering

Lovely to see the bromeliads with their strange bright flowers. They seem to be enjoying the cooler weather, but they are tough plants and suited to our climate which doesn’t get too cold in winter.

Pics from a day out

Walking up on the mountain, a fave thing to do, we discovered some new stuff. The best is the giant pill bug, related to millipedes. It was about 5 centimetres long!….and moving slowly on many legs. The huge fallen rainforest tree, covered in moss, created a long cave, and probably a good home for many creatures. Other mossy rocks and a fallen orange flower also made interesting images….so here they are.

Garden is growing!

My little garden is showing some progress, even though the weather is cool. The flowers and herbs are enjoying it even if growth is a lot slower. I’ve had to protect the parsley and lettuce with pot covers at night due to some sort of marauder; not exactly sure what it is! But this strategy has worked fairly well. So it’s all progressing along nicely and I’m picking lettuce leaves, rocket, basil and parsley to use in cooking so I’m very happy with that. The marigolds, violas and pansies seem happy and healthy and are flowering brightly. Getting a lot of joy from this small garden, and working simply and quietly in it. Here’s a few pics, including one weird photo of the pots covering plants before evening sets in.

Mothers Day flowers

These flowers were a beautiful gift for Mothers Day.

Love these bromeliads!

Just recently we happened upon a wonderful bromeliad display. The flowers on some were huge!….had to take photos of these beauties. The colours were vibrant, and an interesting contrast to the strappy and sculptural leaves. I’ve also thrown in a couple of extra images of a gorgeous orchid and a brilliant walking stick palm….hope you enjoy!