Jacaranda season

Well it’s that time of year where we feast upon the glorious sight of multiple flowering jacaranda trees around our city. Annually people wait for this magnificent mauve display all through the city and suburbs, and also in most sub tropical areas on east coast Australia. The site travels down the coast as the season (and climate) progresses into summer. We look forward to it, yet for uni students it reminds them that exams are fast approaching! They aren’t native trees…South American I believe…but have been grown here in public parks, streets and large suburban gardens for 150 years, and are embraced and celebrated by all. The jacaranda flowering is followed by another vibrant display by south African poinciana trees which are red. I’ve included a couple of extra pics of a leopard tree with its brand new leaves, a golden trumpet tree, a jacaranda with a red Illawarra flame tree (native) and a view of the city from Mt Gravatt. If you look carefully, tiny puffs of mauve appear in the distant suburbs.

Garden progress

Our little garden has gone quite well over winter. I’ve been using lettuce, (just picked and ate a lovely salad with brown mignonette…yum) and am harvesting the broccolini now. The herbs are doing well, and the flowers too. Been preparing and expanding the area in readiness for spring and summer crops of tomato, cucumber and zucchini, as well as more lettuce, basil and rocket. I’ll plant warrigal greens soon which is an indigenous plant good in stir fries, soups etc. and also some borage seeds. Soon the rocket and basil seeds will be collected and sown into seedling mix. It’s lots of fun, even if sometimes hard work.

More marvellous flowerings!

The potted plants are really taking off this year…here’s two more from the garden. The fluoro pink flower is a cactus, and the yellow one is a canna lily.


Canna flower
Spotty canna lily
hot pink cactus
Fluoro cactus

Strange flowering orchid type plant!

A strange orchid plant is flowering at our place right now…the smell is delicious and like vanilla. The flower is fabulous, large and exotic, and there should be some more emerging soon. What a great surprise…didn’t think it would actually do anything, but it’s a magnificent gift from friends. This is nature at its most intriguing, and a beautiful inspiration for us artists!


Urban colours

This time of year is amazing here…trees flowering for months, right into summer…the pics don’t do it justice. Fantastic colours and very inspiring for photos and artwork ideas…and just great to look at.