New work up….

I’ve been working on this piece for a couple of weeks, and now it’s complete. The painting is titled “At home on the hillside” and is part of my Remembrance series. For me, it evokes memories of living in sub tropical Northern NSW….of seeing homes and sheds from a distance, on hillsides, as this is quite an elevated place. Large green areas, both dark (rainforest) and lighter (grass) are punctuated by small bright hues which could represent buildings, tracks, farmed patches and dams. Paint has been applied in many layers, yet leaving some underlying areas showing. My personal memory is of vibrant sunny colours and much happiness. There’s a lot of freedom in the brushstrokes and this reflects the personal freedom I felt living there….much loved and enjoyed. Hope you enjoy the artwork too.

At home on the hillside 76x76cm $600


Artwork of the month, an old one

I was scratching around in my old art stuff and found a folder of old watercolours and gouache artworks, made on paper. They look as fresh as the day they were painted….thought you may like to see one in the Artwork of the month slot. The piece I’ve chosen is one from a Farmland series, “Farmland 1”. All these small works are abstracted aerial views of rural landscapes…I lived for many years in rural districts of Australia. This one takes up the idea of the ploughed landscape and fallow paddocks. It’s gouache paint on watercolour paper using vibrant hues, 25 years old I think! Hope you like it.

Farmland 1
Farmland 1