“Storm surge”, recently completed

Early winter saw the arrival of some extreme weather conditions, resulting in large dangerous surf and damaged beaches. My painting “Storm surge” reflects these conditions and the changes to our environment. Nature provides drama in our landscapes not always to our liking. I wanted to capture that drama and also to contrast the deep blue oceanic hues with stark white, in order to maintain a simple yet energetic expression of nature at its most extreme.


“Storm suge”  51 x 41 cm   $450(AUD)

New artwork “Summer Season”

I’ve just finished the painting “Summer Season”. I’m expressing the vibrancy and essence of summer here in Australia. It’s a very busy time with holidays, Christmas and New Year, so I wanted to show the energy of this. The colours are bright and the painting has details which are drawn with brushwork, which convey energy, and maybe even some menace as this time of year often has extreme weather events such as bushfire, storms, cyclones, flooding. Mostly it expresses joy and playfulness as everyone moves into holiday mode. “Summer Season” sells for $550 (AUS).

Summer Season

Summer Season