Jasper’s passing

Dear friends, on Tuesday we farewelled our dear dog companion, art critic, and garden lover, Jasper. He was 12 years old, and beloved by all who met him. Jasper was good natured, openhearted, and loved participating in life. We miss him so much. Here’s some pics, including a puppy one, and a special one from Tuesday.

Winter days

Here in sub tropical Australia we have wonderful winter days….mostly fine and with blue skies…morning temps a bit cool, but generally a great time of year. I’m just sharing with you a couple of pics; flowering grevilleas in the backyard, and our art/companion dog Jasper strolling in the nasturtiums. Happy!

Doggie shots

Should I add pics of the dog?…will I, won’t I?….should we do a separate blog? Don’t know the answer to this but I found some old photos of Jasper (both fluffy and clipped back) and I thought I’d share them. Dogs are so well loved, but online, people prefer cats! Probably because cats don’t have the same history of relationship with humans as dogs do, and dogs have become very close companions, whereas cats…well, who are they really? Their emotion can’t easily be seen on their faces, nor their actions predictable! Hence all the “cat” videos!…ok…pics of Jazzie, our adorable and good-natured cavoodle. And he IS a very relaxed dog, as you can tell.