4 new Mandalas

As you know, I’ve been working at creating mandala designs, based on my own photographs. I’ve completed some new ones and I’d like to show them to you. They have different backgrounds…hope you like. All these designs are available as unframed prints priced at $60 AUD, and are printed on high quality matte photographic paper. 

Waterlily glow
Pond and iris
Little fishy mandala
Starfish design with coral pattern
Starfish coral mandala

Crazy Cactus design

Update to Gallery 3

I’ve updated my Gallery 3 with two new mandala wall art pieces…take a peek!

Christmas mandalas

I’ve completed some Christmas mandalas...just for fun. For the Jacobean Lily mandala I used photos of my flowering Jacobean lily…red and green and Christmassy. The Crystal Christmas lights mandala is based on my photos of crystals and skies. Both have special “light” backgrounds to reflect the mood of the season. Hope you enjoy them! Purchase them at https://natureinspiredstudio.com/collections/mandala-wall-art

New Gallery!

I’ve just added Gallery 3 to my main menu. It displays Mandala Wall Art. Here’s some examples; Lots of work to create but I’m very happy with this project.

New!…Mandala creations coming soon

Very happy to announce that my Mandalas are complete, and I’ll show you a couple here. It’s taken a lot of work, 100’s of hours in fact, and probably a year and a half, to be satisfied that they are ready. I’ll be introducing you to my new E commerce site in the next week or so, and all my art, including the Mandala series will be available there, for purchase.

The mandalas are digital artworks and I’ve truly enjoyed creating them despite difficulties…but that’s often part of the artist’s process. All these works are based on photos I’ve taken, and a couple of Taz’s I’ve used with her permission. My inspiration is nature, and the natural world. So here’s a few to whet your appetite….happy to know what you think!

Light iris mandala

The camellia mandala

Deep reef mandala

“Nature” on my banners!

Just a quick word about the banners at the top of my website…..I’ve deleted the word Design and replaced it with Nature…..seems to be the way I’m heading at the moment. Design is part of “Art” anyway!

Pumpkin face

A really cool Halloween pumpkin head carved by Taz….(a great artist/designer)….enjoy!

Halloween pumpkin head
Halloween pumpkin head