Jasper takes a walk

On Wednesday we enjoyed an hour walking out to the little King Island off Wellington Point. It was extremely low tide so we had no trouble getting there…except Jasper had to cry at each dog he saw! Apart from that it was pleasant weather and a big blue sky, which can be enjoyed easily without intrusions on the view….oh, and our feet hurt ’cause the sand is very rough, not fine and white as on most Australian beaches….spoilt us! Jasper enjoyed the stroll although he was a bit tired when we arrived home; dinner and a nap was required.

Buddha’s birthday….belated!

Went out to Buddha’s birthday at Southbank, Brisbane a couple of weeks ago. Couldn’t show the pics cause the computer had died, so here’s a few photos now….lots of food stalls, curious collections of statues, many altars for different purposes, and some blow up monks and Buddha!….something for everyone. It seemed to be a day enjoyed by many from various asian buddhist communities, and anyone else who went along.