Day at Beechmont

While our dog had a grooming session, we made use of some spare time to visit a nearby mountain, Beechmont, just south of Tamborine Mountain. There’s a walking track through forest, in the Denhams’ Reserve, and we followed this for a short way, across a beautiful creek and onto the Falls for a view. The weather was mildly cool and many frogs and birds can be heard. The Beechmont Landcare group care for the forest reserve. Further back on the road is the well known Rosins’ Lookout which is highly favoured by paragliders, and the view from this spot is dramatic and beautiful, looking all the way south to the border…some cloud today but still worth the drive. The Gold Coast Hinterland has some stunning scenery. I’ve included some pics.

Rocks and water

I captured these beautiful images while exploring the creek in Mt Cougal National Park. It’s ¬†such a pristine environment and the water so clear that the underlying rocks were shown really vividly. I love the patterns in these places and find it inspiring for my art practice, and nurturing for the body and soul.

Day out at Beechmont

Took a little day trip on Wednesday, to Beechmont mountain, about an hours drive south of Brisbane, Qld. It was a beautiful winter’s day, but not too cold….the air can be a bit crisper up mountains. We stopped at Rosin’s lookout, the hang and para glider’s take off spot. A couple were waiting for a favourable wind, but to no avail. Remarkable views can be had from this location, of Woollumbin (Mt Warning in NSW), Springbrook, Lamington Plateau and Numinbah Valley. We took some¬†photos and sat down to relax and enjoy the stillness, quiet, and apart from an occasional passing vehicle we only heard the local rainforest birds…..wonderful to have one’s ears unassailed by city noise. I miss the quiet of living in the country. It’s one of the many healthy benefits and a simple enjoyment that many people don’t bother to experience anymore. We all need more quietness in our lives. We also stopped at Denham Scenic Reserve, which I didn’t know existed till looking on google maps. It’s a very pleasing place, preserved and cared for by the local Landcare group. There’s a lovely creek, quite wild in places, which can be crossed and then a track is followed. We only ventured a short way, but next time plan to walk to the end. I suspect there’s a waterfall to be seen. Walking near rainforest creeks is really refreshing for the soul, and mind. Here’s a few pics from that area.

Return of “Artwork of the month”

This month, after a time of family ill health, I’m bringing back Artwork of the month. This November it’s a painting that’s hanging on my wall, which I made 14 years ago, and still remains a favourite. The title is “Rainforest stream, Terania”, and it realistically depicts a beautiful rainforest creek in Northern New South Wales, Australia. I lived in the area for many years and visited this rainforest many times, often taking photos. This part of the creek is in the Nightcap National Park, and is one of my most beloved places. The water is pristine, and the creek itself is ever changing in subtle ways. I made a series of artworks at this time, in a very realistic vein. The series was called “Spirit of Place” and depicted places I’d personally visited that had lasting impacts on my life. “Rainforest Stream, Terania” has vibrant colours, and this is actually how Terania Creek looks in midday sunlight. The painting took 6 months to complete, with my returning to it till I was satisfied with the final piece. Hope you enjoy!

Rainforest Stream, Terania
Rainforest Stream, Terania