Newly painted in the studio

I’ve been making a bit more time for myself to be creative in my studio and have just yesterday completed 2 new paintings. It’s a relief to get back into art making again as I’ve been devoting a lot of time to the gardening project, but sometimes the need for art creation comes to the fore and I follow my instincts! The new paintings reference my love for the natural world and my experience of it, but are also very abstracted in format. It’s more about feeling the place and creating an abstract impression of this…called expressionism actually! Paint marks made on the canvas are significant in all my work…they point to abstracted ideas of objects, people etc. but also serve to lead the eye on a journey across the paintings, and to linger in areas that can be explored more. One artwork is a small forest painting, the other a beach. Both are refreshing and sustaining places to visit. “Forest wandering 1” is priced at $340 and is 40x30cm in size; the other is titled “Beach stroll”, a much larger painting, and priced at $995. Its’ size is 92x60cm. Both were a great joy to paint! Please reach me on my contact page if you’re interested in making a purchase.

Beach stroll

Beach stroll $995 92x60cm

Forest wandering 1

Forest wandering 1 $340 40x30cm

Health all good

I’ve received medical results back, and it’s good news! So I can move on with my life. I’m posting a pleasant pic of a favourite place to celebrate! These kind of issues give us time to think about our mortality, and strangely, I’ve felt ok about the idea of death. I’ve had an ok life, and the chance to be very creative in many ways and this I’m thankful for….guess there’s still more “adventuring and experimenting” to do.


On the path near Minyon Falls


6 things you need for your art….#4 is my favourite!

These are the essentials that will keep your creativity hopping along…whatever your “art” is…#4 IS MY PERSONAL FAVOURITE!

  1. Good quality tools….choose the best you can find in your price range; you need the best for optimal creativity.
  2. A space of your own…carve out an area in your home; all creatives need one.
  3. Time for yourself….make sure you make time at least a few times a week to work on your creative priorities.
  4. Try a new thing…experiment with something new; it refreshes the brain!
  5. Dump nay sayers….dump or avoid toxic people.
  6. A method to inspire production…. find some ways that inspire your creativity; go to them frequently!

Inspiration from walking in nature

I have lots of ideas and inspiration after a walk in nature. Here’s some pics I took while walking on Mt Tamborine, just an hours drive from Brisbane. Much of the walks up there are in rainforest, but it often opens up into more open eucalypt country.

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The mountain walks refresh the mind and offer new thoughts for my creative process, and photographing the surrounding landscape helps me remember the experience for future reference. Nature expands our creative horizons.