New work complete

“Early morning-colour jump” is finished. It’s from the “Contemplation” series of works. This piece is dynamic and energised with lively colour contrasts, detailed marks and spontaneous brushwork. It’s a playful piece, hence including “jump” in the title. The landscape is referenced, with forms seemingly emerging in a rural setting….the indistinct shapes can only be guessed at. I had a lot of fun making this painting and maybe this is reflected in it, and I encourage the viewer to let their eye roam around the surface and gently observe whatever will be encountered.

“Early morning-colour jump”  51x51cm  $370(AUD)

New page under Gallery

The “Contemplation” series page has been added to my Gallery….only one painting in there so far, but more in the pipeline.

“Rush” is complete

My new abstraction “Rush”, the first of the Contemplation series has been completed. The title relates to the energy of the work, and the dynamic interaction of colour and form. I’m intrigued by the brilliance of the yellow against the dark purple, with a strip of orange. These kind of relationships which are formed on the canvas endlessly fascinate me, and hopefully the viewer can spend time observing the play of colour, line and form.

“Rush”   61×50 cm   $430

The art of contemplation

I’ve been thinking about a new series of paintings for a while and I’ve decided to call it “Contemplation”. My own definition is as follows….“to remain in a relaxed state of mind, allowing things to pass through; an openness to experience.” The first painting from this series is nearly complete and I’ll post an image when it’s done. You can read some extra information on this link.

Latest semi abstract

I’m continuing on the my semi abstract landscape theme…maybe I’m channelling my Dad! He was a wonderful watercolour artist, of atmospheric rural Australian landscapes. My landscapes are also about mood; a very atmospheric interpretation of the landscape which can be quite evocative of memories of visited and habited places. These quiet and contemplative works remind us to visit the silent meditative parts of our inner selves, and find solace there. They are a step beyond the chaotic everyday world. And this piece, “Forest Edge”, takes the viewer to a place (perhaps somehow remembered), where the brightness of the paddock leads the eye to the darker forest, of mystery. The light between the trees speaks of a place that is quiet yet not threatening…it’s maybe an invitation to enter our own psychic forest and do some exploring…or maybe just relax in it’s quiet embrace.

Trees and paddocks
Forest edge 1m x 1m $695