New abstraction “Dark mountain, red sky”

This dramatic and vibrant artwork is the latest from my studio. The title “Dark mountain, red sky” is evocative of restless power and drama, and the colourful primary hues exude a joyous feeling. There’s a lot of energy and movement in this work and I certainly enjoyed it’s making. Hope you do too! It’s priced at $530(AUD)…that’s Australian dollars.

Dark mountain, red sky
Dark mountain, red sky

“Another underwater world” added to semi abstracts

“Another underwater world” has been added to my main gallery, in the Semi abstract landscapes page. This an imagined view of one of those marvellous Yucatan cenotes, with crystal clear water and amazing visibility…almost like a dream landscape. People love to swim and dive in these wonderful pools.

Yucatan cenotes
Another underwater world; a cenotes, Yucatan 90x110cm $745

Update of my “About” page

Just updated my “About” page….you may want to have a peek!