One for winter

Inspired by the winter flowering wattles that are iconic Australian plants, I’ve painted this energetic work which evokes both the drama of the brilliant yellow wattle blooms, and also, in contrast, the colder, windy weather of our winter season. “Winter wattle blooming” is a smaller painting of free and lively brushstrokes and vivid contrast between yellow and darker more sombre “winter” hues.

It is priced at $450(AUD)…..and loving this weather!


“Winter wattle blooming”   51x41cm   $450

Artworks of the month

I’m bringing the “tour de force” abstracts I love…artworks of the month. Great energy and positive feelings are kindled by this group…Enjoy!

New images up for “Remembrance” page

I’ve loaded my latest works onto my “Remembrance” page, including the painting “Comforting locale”….take a peek.


“Comforting locale”   76x76cm   $650(AUD)

Another one from the studio

We often don’t think about the affect of visiting local natural areas of bushland has on our wellbeing. Just travelling a short distance from the city, even on the edge of it, affords an enjoyable experience of the natural world. These images, feelings and memories subtly influence me, and emerge onto my painting canvas….a pleasant and comforting memory of Australian landscapes….something that quintessentially resonates of the locale I live in. I’ve titled this painting “Comforting locale”, and it expresses the essence of the above.


“Comforting locale”   76x76cm   $650(AUD)

Beginnings of Coochie-water edge

Today I’ve started a painting that I’d like to enter into the Redlands Art Show. Taking my inspiration from the little bay island, Coochiemudlo, I’ve painted the initial layer of bright colour. I’ve visited this island many times…it’s a short ferry ride from Victoria Point. Coochie is a tiny island and easy to walk around, and surprisingly diverse in natural habitats for its size. I’m taking my idea from the western side facing the mainland where the cliffs and rocks are red pumice stone, and the water is clear. There’s often a lovely bright light on this side of the island and I’m aiming to capture that brightness and the vivid colour that accompanies it.


Beginnings: Coochie water edge

“Sentinals” has arrived

I’ve been working on quite a few paintings recently, one of them being “Sentinals”. My memory stores images of thousands of landscapes, especially useful as these memories inform my artwork to a great extent. Cliff faces and rocky outcrops are dramatic landscape features and in “Sentinals” have been my main inspiration. In this work I’ve captured, with immediacy and spontaneity, the rough nature of such features. The “sentinels” themselves evoke a feeling of a watchful presence over the land. The rocks and bushland come alive with contrasting hues of yellow green and reddish magenta, and I’ve enjoyed painting the essence of this powerful kind of Australian landscape.



“Sentinals”  51x40cm  $400


New work in the studio

Been working in the studio a lot this long weekend….this smaller piece is vibrant in colour and seems to have a lot of positive energy. Don’t know yet if the colour will stay like this, but I’m just going along with the process. The painting seems to decide it’s direction, and so I proceed. This can be a playful experience but sometimes I get stuck. When that happens, waiting it out is the way to go. Then eventually the next step will reveal itself. Love this process!



“Rush” is complete

My new abstraction “Rush”, the first of the Contemplation series has been completed. The title relates to the energy of the work, and the dynamic interaction of colour and form. I’m intrigued by the brilliance of the yellow against the dark purple, with a strip of orange. These kind of relationships which are formed on the canvas endlessly fascinate me, and hopefully the viewer can spend time observing the play of colour, line and form.


“Rush”   61×50 cm   $430

Today, in the studio

I’ve been working on another painting from the “Alchemy” series. This is just the beginnings, and will need a lot more work, layers and detail yet, but the colours have a richness that I’m loving. The brushwork has been very spontaneous and rapid, and I’ve worked at placing colours down with energy….looking forward to the next steps! So I’ll post up this first image to give you a sneak peek.


In the studio today

Remaining pics from Underwater World

I’m posting the last remaining photos from our day at Underwater World. I love these ones best actually. The starfish and seahorses are so beautiful in colour and grace. Please enjoy!