New collage

I’ve recently completed a new collage, and quite a strange one it is! It has a story though, but I’ll show you first.

A new collage

Almost perfect

The story is….I found a butterfly lying on the grass and thought she was dead. She had damaged wings, and tried to fly when I picked her up, but couldn’t use the wings properly and was very exhausted. Taz took her inside, gave her a place with leaves, flowers etc in a box, and actually managed to feed her some dilute sugar syrup on a cotton ball…after having to delicately unwind her proboscis (feeding tube). The little creature survived overnight, and next morning was sitting in a tiny piece of sunlight in her box. So we took her outside into the light and air, and near to a tree. She seemed to delight in this and amazingly flew away!…to freedom. We were very pleased and I was inspired to write a haiku and make this artwork. The leaves are all photo copies of actual leaves we found, but obviously the butterfly isn’t! The species is called a “Common Crow”, and is local to the Brisbane area. So that’s the story. And it had a happy ending for all of us. Here’s the Haiku I wrote, and it’s included in the collage.

We thought she would die

But she flew away freely

Into the bright morn

She caught the gentle breeze

Light on broke and spotted wings

Tasting life’s sweet freedom

Loving the collage!

Been working on a couple of collages, and have completed them. One I started a few weeks ago, “Citified”, and the second one I made in two days last weekend, “Inner world, Underworld”. “Citified” followed an idea of City that I wanted to explore, but I’m liking “Inner world, Underworld” most as I created it with the intention of being purely intuitive in my selection and placement of the photo images. It seems to express deep parts of my psyche, and on completion I felt very satisfied, as if something hidden had been revealed. Symbols such as an eagle, spider, gardens, a chair, flowers, a fan, a heart, deep and shallow water etc. emerged from my selection and I placed them in pleasing yet random ways. These symbols have often appeared in my dreams and I’m quite familiar with them, but still surprised me when I chose to cut them out. Colour and texture in the images initially attracted me. This way of working with collage is sometimes called “self-mirroring” and is designed to bring forth repressed or unseen aspects of our being. We can then reflect on this and learn something of ourselves in the process. This inner process can take a few weeks to emerge but will often reveal a kind of teaching. I enjoy this type of artistic creativity¬†and pursue it with my abstractions, allowing them to be really spontaneous and unconstructed. No pre-planning allowed!

the psyche

Inner world, Underworld $200











the city and girls

Citified $150

“Gone Girlie”

I’ve just completed another collage…so much fun, and an immediate sense of accomplishment….am somewhat surprised at what I’ve produced. Its full of flowers, butterflies, and a hen. Oh; and a young woman looking a little surprised herself! Couldn’t resist the pinks in this one. I’m not really sure of the theme. Maybe its an easter bonnet, or maybe I’m just channelling my inner girl. Sweet!! It’s titled “Gone Girlie”.


Gone Girlie 30x30cm $300