Jasper takes a dip

We spent a lovely few hours out roaming yesterday, and took Jasper with us. The creek we visited was looking clear yet quite cold, but Jasper (who’s never liked water very much) just leapt in! I think he realised it was shallow so didn’t hesitate. He insisted that T accompany him though, which meant removing her shoes and venturing into cold water!  Then he became brave and also crossed a small waterfall on some rocks….we’ve never seen him so gung-ho!….a brave explorer. Jasper had a wonderful day out and slept well. There’ll be more adventures for him now he’s embraced his “wild and free dog”. Here’s  few pics to enjoy.

Mothers Day at Cedar Creek

I recently enjoyed a great day out with my daughters at Cedar Creek. The weather was beautiful, we ate some yummy food, and enjoyed the rainforest creek, and a couple of ponies nearby…..also had a lovely Thai meal, a gift from my eldest daughter, H. Here’s some pics from Cedar Creek.