More studio designs

I’ve been having fun with some photos I’ve taken, of succulents and cacti, and have come up with a few more digital designs. I love the sculptural shapes of these kinds of plants and how contrasts of tone and texture can be created….here they are.


Crazy Cactus design

Flowering gardens

Our Botanic gardens here in Brisbane are a beautiful sight in winter. So many things flower at this time in Australia. I thought you may enjoy some of these wonderful plants.

A few crazy weeks

It’s been a few crazy weeks for me. I finished a large painting commission, and also had some diagnostics done for a lump in my left breast…will learn of the results of this on Monday. So it’s been a bit stressful. Thought I’d pop in a couple of pics of a gorgeous cactus flower in our garden….a dragon fruit cactus to be exact, and of course, is only open one night so I’m lucky I caught it!

From the gardens…love the white bulbs flowering

A¬†few snaps from the Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens, Brisbane….a favourite place of mine to visit. There’s always something new flowering!



More marvellous flowerings!

The potted plants are really taking off this year…here’s two more from the garden. The fluoro pink flower is a cactus, and the yellow one is a canna lily.


Canna flower
Spotty canna lily
hot pink cactus
Fluoro cactus